The Better Deal

MargaretNEW! The book The Better Deal: Practical Horsemanship Training for You and Your Horse is now available in print! Take a look!

Horses are very simple social creatures. It is in their nature to get along.

Because they are a prey animal, anything you do to frighten or confuse them will cause them to try to get away.

Understanding their nature and their limited capacity for understanding the human’s approach will greatly improve your relationship with your horse.

If a horse can look to you as his leader, you can pretty much do what you want to do with him. If he does not understand you, he will not want to be with you.

My goal in working with any horse and rider is to first help the horse learn how to get along with people and then to help the person learn exactly what a horse is, and what he is and is not capable of. Developing a mutual respect between the horse and the person gives me great pleasure. It gives the horse a good life and it gives the person the results they are looking for.

People usually get into trouble with their horses simply because they don’t understand the nature of the horse and how to communicate with them in a way the horse understands.

The breed, discipline, or age of the horse doesn’t matter. I have had great success with a wide variety of horses and people – from competitive drivers and eventers to pleasure drivers and trail riders. My approach will benefit anyone who wants a respectful, pleasant and safe relationship with their horse while achieving the goals they have set for themselves.