Rima makes progress (part 3)

(You can read the previous posts about Rima here and here.)

Rima is making very good progress with her feet. When she first came she would not allow her feet to be held, and was prone to kicking and biting when frustrated. Over the next weeks she got better at allowing her feet to be picked up, though she would stomp them down right away. She is now allowing her feet to be held and her legs extended forward or backward as the farrier will need to do.


In her circle work she can now hold a nice trot in both directions and we have introduced the canter. She can canter three circles in each direction without getting disorganized or inattentive and falling back into the trot or reacting in frustration.


She is a smart horse with a playful streak who just got confused about how things work. But a confused horse is not a safe horse to work with! I’m happy to see that with consistent handling she’s making such good progress and her underlying good character is shining through.

Thanks to Bobbie Wynne for the photos.