2016 Fee Schedule

(Effective January 1st 2016)

I will be taking a new approach to my work this season which will be reflected in the new fee schedule. Those who have studied with me over the years will get the better deal from a cost perspective and those becoming members will also benefit. The only service without discount is Board. I would like to thank you all for wanting to learn to be with your horse.

Membership into The Better Deal Horsemanship Program is $150.00 and entitles you to a discount on all lessons and workshops.

Board: $675.00 (effective March 1st)

Private lesson: $95.00
Member $85.00 2yr. Student $80.00

Semi Private lesson: $75.00
Member $70.00 2yr. Student $65.00

Workshops: (anyone paying for 4 workshops in advance will receive an additional 5% discount)

Participant: $125.00
Member $110.00 2yr. Student $75.00

Auditors: $25.00
Member: $20.00 2yr.students $15.00

Off ranch $500.00 a day and travel expenses.