Demonstration of Skills for completion of Foundation Horsemanship

(For a printable PDF file click here: Foundation Horsemanship Completion Requirements.)

These can be completed in any order desired

1.    Catching up properly with halter and lead organized and arm over horse’s neck.
2.    Groom, pick up feet and saddle without being tied.
3.    Come forward softly and willingly.
4.    Back away softly and willingly.
5.    Yield hindquarters right and left.
6.    Yield front end right and left.
7.    Lead from both sides.
8.    Back straight minimum 3 steps, step front foot over onto circle and walk off.
9.    Disengage hindquarter, stop, back straight minimum 3 steps,step front foot over onto circle and walk off.
10.    Transition from walk to trot, trot to canter, canter to trot, and trot to walk.
11.    Accept touch of the flag all over body and head.
12.    Bridle properly with lowered head and cooperation.
13.    Mount up properly.
14.    Pick up a soft feel without the horse moving his feet.
15.    Pick up a soft feel before moving off.
16.    One rein stop in both directions from the walk and the trot.
17.    Pick up a soft feel and back 4 steps straight.
18.    Ride a cadenced round 10 meter circle both directions.
19.    Ride a cadenced change of direction in a figure eight. Halt from the walk.
20.    Transition from walk to trot.
21.    Ride a cadenced round 15 meter circle both directions.
22.    Ride a cadenced change of direction in a figure eight.
23.    Trot to halt transition and stand on a loose rein.
24.    Pick up a soft feel and transition to the trot from the halt.
25.    Transition from the trot, to the walk, to the halt.
26.    Move hindquarters with just the rein right and left.
27.    Move hindquarters with just the leg right and left.
28.    Back a half circle to the right and left

Written Exam for completion of Foundation Horsemanship

1. What are the 4 basic characteristics of the horse, in order?

2. How many beats in the walk?      Trot?      Canter?

3. What is a soft feel?

4. Name the 2 different types of pressure used to communicate with the horse.

5. What is the difference between fear and respect?

6. What are the 3 seat positions and what do they convey to the horse?

7. What are the 2 things a horse will do if he does not understand something?

8. What do you give the horse to help him understand he did the right thing?

9. How many different directions can a horse move?

10.What is the most important thing to the horse?

11. What is the sequence of the footfall at the walk?



12.What does yield mean?

13.What are the 4 herd rules in order?

14.What is the single most important element to the horse’s survival?

15.What are the 3 levels of moving the hindquarter from the saddle?

16.What is the sequence of cues to move a horse forward from the standstill?

To halt from forward movement?

To turn?

To change direction?

To back?