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Does your horse listen?

Effective communication is the key to safety,
fun and competitive success!

These two books will show you how to get there.


tbd_cover_fl_thumbThe Better Deal: Practical Horsemanship Training for You and Your Horse
• Build a true partnership based on trust
• Gain understanding and mutual respect.
• Evaluate and address problems at all levels of training and performance.
• Learn the facts about the nature of the horse.
• Understand and apply the herd rules.
• Learn how use your body, voice and gestures to communicate clearly.
• Learn emotional self-awareness to help your horse trust you.
• Step by step exercises anyone can do.
• Fully illustrated with hundreds of clear photos.

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coverphotoTraining for Safety

• Make safety a priority for your driving horse.
• Suitable for young horses or for retraining older horses.
• Preparatory exercises to develop clear communication, obedience, and trust.
• Teach the horse to stand, wait, and navigate turns cleanly.
• Introduce the harness and cart safely.
• Teach giving to pressure to avoid panic and accidents.
• Deal with scary objects underfoot, in front, and behind the horse.
• Full color step by step photos for each exercise.
• Photos show common mistakes and problems as well as successes.

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And don’t miss the DVD “The Better Deal,” which offers a general introduction to Margaret’s approach. Check out the DVD page for details.