Articles about Margaret Beeman:

“Rancher A Top Performer” Poughkeepsie Journal, September 15, 2008

Beeman on Training” Practical Horseman, 2004



“Margaret started me on the right path of horsemanship through the natural horsemanship method of training. Her knowledge and patience with me paid off. Despite the fact that Shadow and I were both green when we met her she enabled us to reach our goal of becoming members of the U.S. Equestrian Driving Team, twice.  From that solid foundation at Broken Wheel Ranch, I’ve been able to help others in the driving discipline as well as being a contender for the Team a third time. Thank you Margaret for a job well done.”  -Scott Monroe & Shadow

“Margaret is an artist. She can draw pictures with words that help me to understand the ‘whys and what fors’ of horsemanship.” -L. Kimball

“Margaret is great! I wish I would have met her before I ever sat on a horse!” -R. Skovron

“Anna and I have had wonderful success with Margaret every time we have worked with her. She is terrifically unique.”  -Joe Gitterman, Woodgate Farm LLC

“Margaret Beeman is a blessing. I know if I am having a particular problem with my youngster I can depend on her to be there with a viable solution. She is always open for suggestions from her students on what they need to work on in private sessions or open clinics. She has a wealth of knowledge
she patiently and kindly shares with everyone in her quest to make our relationship with our horses progressive.”  -Elaine M. Lang, Windprint Farm, Goshen, CT

“Margaret worked miracles with our horse, Rosee, who developed a phobia about getting on a trailer. In three lessons, she taught us the basics of Natural Horsemanship which allowed us to conquer the problem. Rosee now loads herself most days!” -

Lynn Mellis Worthington, 
Kent, CT

“I’ve been in the horse world for over 20 years and this last year, after meeting and working with Margaret, has changed the way I listen to the horses and respond.  She really has a talent and I’m grateful that she is able to share it with us all!”   -Sandy Welsh, Maine

“Margaret has over the years filled in the gaps of my horse knowlege.  Her techniques are extremely useful and effective and they get you more into the mind of the horse.  It is not a punishment system but a reward system for “getting it right”.  I find that my horses are happier and learn quicker and therefore I am much happier.”   -DLM

“What I most admire about Margaret are her horsemanship skills — she is a natural. But what I most appreciate about her, is that she never sets her own agenda– she always works within the parameters of the relationship that you are hoping to have with your horse. Other trainers seem to get in between you and your horse, so you end up with a well trained horse, but no real relationship. Margaret teaches you how to BUILD ON your relationship with your horse. At the end of the day, that makes all the difference.”  -Bonnitta Roy,  The Horses at Alderlore

“Margaret is an amazing horse woman. She really understands how the horse thinks. Never having any kind of lessons or training of any sort before this, Margaret has made it easy for me to learn horsemanship. She takes the time and explains things in detail and has such patients with me. Since training with Margaret, I now understand how my horse thinks and what I need to do to be safe when it’s just me and my horse out on the trail by ourselves. ” -KB


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